Sunday, February 28, 2010


A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to AC/DC!

Like many Australians, I hold a soft spot for AC/DC and their music. It's hard not to have an appreciation for what is probably Australia's most famous and successful band.

When Josh managed to get tickets, Andy and I were more than happy to join him at the concert.
Armed with our jeans and black shirts, we dashed out of our respective offices. Wandering through the city, we were confronted by a strange mix of black shirts and flannelette.

In Australia, AC/DC attracts a strange combination of fans. From the dedicated lovers of hard rock, to the fans of rock and roll music and through to their most famous type of Australian fans.... the bogans.

Every country has bogans. In the UK, they're called "chavs". In the US, they're called "trash". In Singapore, I remember they were called "Ah Bengs".

Regardless, it would be a good atmosphere. The sheer crush of people attending would ensure that.

Josh had wrangled us good tickets. We were up in the members stand, with a clear view of the stage, comfortable seats and a private lounge behind us.
Before the main act, the newly constituted Wolfmother came out to entertain.

Sadly, they were far from capable of achieving this goal.

In fact, we found the "music" of Wolfmother to be so loud, out of synch and screetchy, that we decided that it would be best to retreat to the comfort of the lounge for some drinks and quiet.

Thankfully, we would have to wait long though.
The main act quickly came on!

And they did not disappoint.

From the very start, they did not disappoint.

The concert started out with a bang as Angus Young came charging out onto the stage in his famous schoolboy uniform. This alone made it worth attending the concert.
More was to come though. AC/DC were up to their usual antics and were a well oiled performance machine. There was a clear understanding between the band members of what was happening and when it was to happen.
Seeing AC/DC perform was definitely a "box ticker". It's one of those things that I'm glad to say I've been able to do, one of those things that needs to be done before the opportunity is gone.

Who knows, one day, maybe I'll be able to sit grand children down and tell them with pride that I was lucky enough to attend an AC/DC concert.... and then listen to them look at me with questioning faces and either laugh at me or ask who they are......

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Amanda said...

hey, just surfing the web, happened on your blog and really like it. Love AC/DC and wish i could see them live! Keep up the awesome blogging!