Sunday, August 15, 2010

Like a sponge

Josh decided to look back to his childhood for the first thing he would make with his new toy.

Instead of making something exotic or that he had seen being made by one of the dozens of celebrity chefs (and there really do seem to be a lot of celebrity chefs these days... many of whom don't even appear to be celebrities), Josh decided he wanted to make a nice sponge cake.

And really, who could blame him?

Growing up in Australia, this was a staple of our childhood diets. This was what you would have packed into your lunch box for recess. This was what the old ladies at the church picnics would bake for everyone.
I was happy to help.

As Josh began to prepare the sponges and the creams, I gave him a hand making the chocolate icing.
It's such a relatively straight forward cake compared to what people seem to demand these days, but that did not impact our anticipation of it.
As Josh began spreading the icing with the palette knife, what was before us was like a vision from our childhood days.
And in all honesty, who can say no to a nice slice of sponge cake?


Vicky C said...
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Vicky C said...

I assume he actually baked that sponge right? Not just bought it from the supermarket and added cream, jam and icing...

Mildly Confused said...

Of course!