Monday, August 02, 2010

Meandering through life

Before heading back to Sydney, I thought it would be nice to have a quick look at the local towns of Katoomba and Leura.

They were nice places and it was impossible not to use the word "quaint" to describe them (even though it's difficult to describe what the word really means).

However, there was definitely something amiss.

At first I couldn't work out what it was.

But it came to me quickly.

I didn't really fit into the "Blue Mountains crowd".

There seemed to be two types of people who travelled to the Blue Mountains. There were those who were part of the organised tour groups and then there were the couples on romantic get aways.

I didn't fit into these two groups.

Wandering on the streets between these two groups made me feel strangely out of place. It was like being a child again, being dragged to an event by your parents.

Or maybe the better way to describe it would be the other way around. Being a parent, dragged to something your children wanted to go to.
With all of the boutiques, expensive furniture stores and high end chocolate makers, this certainly felt like some sort of bizarro Disneyland for pensioners and couples.

Still, I made the best of it.

I wandered around like a tourist. I browsed a CWA market. I bought some pancake syrup.

I gawked at the Christmas store.....
A positive attitude is usually all you need to enjoy yourself.

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