Friday, January 18, 2013


This was so much better than Cirque.

Cirque has lost the special flavour it once had.  It is no longer the unique and inspirational company that it once was.  It is now part of a crowded market and it can no longer claim to be the best of the best.  Many of the acts that Cirque puts on are now mediocre and performed by artists that cannot claim to be the best in their field.  I'm sad (but not surprised) to say that fantastic shows like Empire have eclipsed it.

Sitting in the Spiegeltent and watching this new show gave me the thrill of seeing something new and edgy.
I could only imagine that this was close to what Cirque would have been like when it was first starting.  It wasn't as polished or as produced as what I had become used to in Cirque, but it was intense and there was a thrill to each act.  There was a sense of possible failure and that the performers were trying to push themselves further with each move and twist.
I watched with all my attention focused.  I was no longer dismissive as I had become with other shows.  My applause wasn't polite and my laughter wasn't forced.  I felt a true emotional response.  It was incredible.
I also found myself edging forward.  The show is so intimate and the performers are so close to the audience that edging forward actually had a real impact.  I was actually bringing myself closer to the stage.  Closer to the action.  Closer to these feelings that I thought I wouldn't have again!

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