Sunday, January 27, 2013

Look at the sky

I don't like Canberra.  Even when I was living there, I didn't like the place.  I have always found it to be sterile and manufactured.

I dread even the thought of having to go.  So whenever I am forced to return to Canberra, I generally try to accentuate the positives to reduce the annoyance of the entire experience.

One of these positives is the National Gallery of Australia.

The NGA has become an even nicer place now that the entrance has been completely refurbished.  Some may prefer the old entrance with its imposing brutalist style, but I personally think the new open scheme they have adopted is far better for the gallery and its patrons.  Instead of threatening and terrifying visitors, the new entrance actually welcomes people in.

I did my usual walk around, looking at the permanent displays and my old favourites such as Jackson Pollock's "Blue Poles".  I was even lucky enough to see an excellent exhibition of photographs by the Australian artist Carol Jerrems.  I was tempted to take a photo, but there was something strange about taking a photo of a photo that didn't seem quite right.

After I finished visiting the inside, I went for a walk on the grounds outside.  This was something I hadn't done before.  Visits to the National Gallery had usually occurred on bad days, so it was always an inside event.  I found something beautiful though.
It was an enormous installation piece.  An outside room that surrounded a central monolith.  Looking up, I the brightness of the sky filled into the entire room and gave it a lovely glowing effect.
The National Gallery is a lovely place.  It's a great shame that it always seems to be near empty.

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