Monday, January 21, 2013


This giant duck in the middle of Darling Harbour is strangely endearing.

When it was first announced, most people scoffed at the concept.  Bringing a gigantic inflatable duck into Darling Harbour did not seem to be the best idea and it did not seem to be the best use of public money.

Yet in a relatively short amount of time, it seems to have won over most of the city.  People crowd around it taking photos, posing in all different manners.  All around the offices and in the city, people talk to each other about seeing the duck and others talk excitedly about how they are going to see the duck.
When I saw the duck myself, I was also quickly won over.
The duck seems to make light all of its surroundings.  Standing near it or even seeing it, makes it difficult to take anything seriously.  The stresses or the city and of work itself seem to disappear.
After all, how serious can a person truly be when standing next to a gigantic rubber duck?

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