Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cartoon Heroes

It was Toddles' 23rd birthday! He wanted to have a dress up party, and he wanted to have a cartoon themed one, so that's what he got. Everyone had to go to the party dressed as their favourite cartoon character, and for the most part everyone did.

Todd went all out and made himself a Marvin Martian costume. He looked pretty good too!

Rajiv, Pang and I also got nicely dressed up. Rajiv went as "Hanky the Christmas Poo" (he'll be hearing about that one for a while), Pang went as "Super Mario" and I went as Tintin (I even had a little white dog as Snowy).

Oliee, Matt, Jess and Fliss also had nice looking costumes. Oliee went as the Mad Hatter (how surprising....), Matt went as the Cheshire Cat (only the smile remaining), Fliss came as Sheera and Jess came as Cinderella.

Suzanna dressed up as Daphne from Scooby Doo. She was looking very pouty!

However, no one looked better than Angus and Dave! They came with their girlfriends dressed as Bender, Dr Zoidberg, Leela and Amy from Futurama. What is even more amazing is that they MADE those outfits! Those headpieces they have are not bought, they made them with paper mache and chicken wire. Dave was stupid enough to not paper mache the inside of his Zoidberg head... as a result the chicken wire pretty much turned it into a torture mask.... hahahahahahaha.

Emma also looked very good. She came dressed in a VERY skimpy little dress to be Catwoman... for a while I thought that she was by far the hottest looking person in a tight leather dress there.....

That is until I saw Guv in a tight little leather dress.

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