Monday, November 13, 2006

An equitable "Lian"


Ok... sorry... that was a horrendously bad joke... (law jokes, how can you go wrong?)

Anyway, with exams all finished and brandashing a the remenants of a once mighty hangover, I decided that I'd go to the gym. However, before I was able to wander off, I received a phone call from Lian! Lian used to live at college with me, and we used to have alot of classes together. However, I haven't seen her as much this year due to a combination of her move off campus as well as the thesis work that we've both had. I hadn't seen her in a while, so I jumped on the opportunity to catch up.

With the day looking very nice, we decided to go to Tilly's. It's a nice cafe in the suburbs.

After taking a normal snap, Lian insisted that we embrace our heritage and take a photo of us in a more.... "traditional" asian pose....

I feel embarrassed about that photo already....

We went back to Lian's afterwards where Lian showed me what she used to do when she first moved in and had no furniture yet, watching TV whilst sitting on her "poof".

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