Thursday, January 04, 2007

Out in Lam Kwai Fong

After heading back to HK, Auds and Selma took Tim and myself out on the town with two of our little cousins Pricilla and Stephanie. Both of them had just turned 18, so it was their first night ever out on the town!

We headed to a Russian restaurant for dinner.
The balalaika music was rocking....Tim insisted on eating a sturgeon for his main. I stayed to the far more restrained main of roast duck.
Selma proudly showing me the teacups and teaware.
We all headed into the icebar after that.... f*** it was cold!
But the main reason for the night was to wander around the famed Lam Kwai Fong. The huge bar and club district of HK. Tim and I had never been out in HK before and my two cousins... well... they had just never been out!
Jellow shots.... always a good sign.....
And honestly... what's a night out without a bunch of drunken Scots? Tim and I found a bunch of Scots out on the town for a stag night, all dressed up completely in full formal Scottish regalia.... and Mexican wrestling masks. We couldn't help but have a bit of fun with them.
That night, Tim got hammered, and he and I stayed at Auds' place in Discovery Bay.
It's a nice place... a far cry from the hustle of downtown HK.
The next few days after that, Tim and I spent with my grandma and numerous other relatives. A procession of eating and drinking followed.
Tim and I took in the opportunity to wander around HK a bit, just to take it all in.
I also had a wander around the park where my grandfather used to exercise before he died.
But... as with all trips our time had to come to an end.
I had an interesting time on the airport terminal shuttle.... I guess I just don't know my own strength.
And what better way to end a trip than by doing the same thing that you started it with.... Popeyes!!!!
Though this time it was in HK.

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