Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Any trip to Hong Kong is never really complete without a trip to Macau!

This former Portuguese colony is a fantastic little gambling Mecca filled with good food, sites and attractions.

Tim and I went over there with Auds. After a short trip on the hydrofoil, we were there. Her dad (my great uncle) was there to pick us up in his monster of a Lexus.
There's a reason that Macua is called the Las Vegas of Asia.... it's HUGE. There are sooooooo many casinos there it boggles the mind. The amount of construction going on there is also ridiculous.
Most of the big Vegas companies like the Bellagio, Sands and Wynn's are also moving in if they haven't already moved in.

When you go to Macau, you also always go for the Portuguese food. Whilst trying to get into the restaurant, Auds found a carpark for her dad's car.... but she made me "guard" the spot while he drove around.... it didn't matter in the end anyway, the car was too big for the spot.

Roasted quail.... tasty.

After dinner, we headed to Wynn's Casino.

Very snazzy.

Auds and I went to get some drinks in the casino bar while my brother ran off to lose money.

The next day, we went wandering around Macau. Unlike HK, Macau has kept its heritage. The old buildings have all been incorporated into the new, giving the whole city a nice colonial feel.

Standing outside the Cathedral.

Wandering around the central plaza with my great aunt and grandmother.

More of the spectacular buildings.

Macau is just so cool.

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