Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another new adventure

The travels are finished.

Completely finished.

All done.

No more.

Oh God that's depressing..... I now have to face actual reality and the fact that I need to work.

There was more than one point where I seriously considered sending in an email and quitting the job that was waiting for me before it I had even started. I reasoned to myself that the trip had cost me significantly less than I had anticipated and that I could have quite easily continued trekking through some cheaper companies for months more.

But alas, the realities set in that I needed to get back.

So, I now found myself in Sydney.

This was the beginning of a new chapter as well. I had never lived in this city before. It would be fun to explore the largest city in Australia, to get to know some of the locals and to see what it would be like just living and working here.

I even had a nice place to live!
My new room!

My old friend from high school and uni, Pete had bought himself an apartment in the middle of the city. He needed a housemate and I needed a room. What a perfect arrangement. Only a 15 minute walk to work as well.

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