Monday, May 12, 2008

Sigh..... work.....



It's a horrible thing. I can't believe I have to start working. The travels are still fresh in my mind and the thought of a desk and a computer and having to wear a suit and being in an office and.....

It's just too much to think about really.

The one saving grace was that I wasn't going straight into work itself. I was being given a nice induction with all of the other starters as well.

So, I found myself in the Grace Hotel in the middle of Sydney for the three day induction with 23 other starters from across Australia.

The room was nice. But it felt far too opulent for my liking. I was still very much used to the hostels and guest houses. This room was much nicer than anywhere that I had stayed in over the previous few months, that cannot be denied.

But it also felt cold and sterile.

I was lonely in this nice room. Sitting on the bed, I thought about my friends, about the other travellers I had met and the locals who had shown me kindness.
The induction seemed to go quickly.

The other starters all seemed nice. Really friendly people.

Most of them weren't from Sydney. They were keen to wander around and see the sights. As a new resident of Sydney. I decided to follow them around to get a view of things myself.
Sydney is a very attractive city. The harbour, the bridge, the Opera House. They all come together to give postcard views from virtually any angle.
It's just too bad this city will forever be associated with work for me.

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