Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Bright Lights!

I go on about Macau alot.

But I love the place!

Everytime I go to Hong Kong, I make sure that I find some time to go to Macau as well.
The place is glowing with money and growth.

It had only been about a year since I last went to Macau and already the place was near unrecognisable. So many new casinos and developments had been completed or started that the skyline of the city itself had been changed.

That's before you begin talking about the "inside" of some of the new casinos as well.

The roof of the main shopping area inside the new Venetian was a faux sky. It was slightly disconcerting walking through this arcade with the artificial light and the sound of water from the fake canals.
Moving back towards the city centre, I found myself outside of the Casino Lisboa, where gambling in Macau began all those years ago.
Next to it is it's ENORMOUS baby sibling, the Grand Lisboa. A monster of a casino that imposes itself on the entire skyline with it's striking tower and glowing bulb of a casino.
Macau! This ever changing place grabs you! I love it!!!

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