Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mixing Cultures

It's a short ride from Hong Kong to Macau. Less than an hour by hydrofoil.

Yet the difference between the two is far greater than you would expect.

Hong Kong is a modern metropolis. You have to go far into the New Territories to see any of the past these days. Within the city, most of the city's history has been developed away by a combination of steel, concrete and glass.

Macau is different.
The Portuguese history of the city is still very evident. The old buildings are merged with the new, giving the city a distinctly European feel in parts.

A European feel with a strong hint of the Cantonese anyway.
I like the place a great deal.

There isn't the commotion to the place that Hong Kong has. It feels calmer and more laid back.
Just a nice place to live really.

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