Thursday, October 27, 2011

Famous things

Wandering through the sites of New York is like taking a journey through my own personal television and movie watching history.

It feels as though every street I turn down brings me onto the scene of some movie/series/sitcom that I watched at some point in my life.

Even sitting on the subway, I get the distinct recollection of old episodes of Seinfeld.

As I walked around the Downtown part of Manhattan, I found myself in Wall St was pretty amazing.
It was far smaller than I expected, and due to the "Occupy Wall St" movement, there were lots of pennies on the ground.

At night, nothing changes either. The skyline of New York is so familiar. I almost feel more at home wandering through these streets than I do back in my actual home.
It helps that this is a rather pretty skyline as well. The Chysler Building really must be one of the most beautiful buildings ever made, whilst the Empire State Building stands as a monument to America and its achievements.

It almost felt cliched, turning the corners to see more monuments so engrained in popular culture.

I have to say that I liked it though.

It was fun seeing them all. I was even tempted to buy some of the tacky souvenirs for tourists like the Statute of Liberty headwear or some of the terrible photos. Thankfully, I thought better of it and decided against it.

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