Sunday, October 30, 2011

Growing fatness

I have been surprised by a lot of things in New York. Never did I expect to find a city that so completely enthralled me.

One of the biggest surprises has been the food.

America gets a pretty bad wrap about it's food overseas. The view of America is that the food consists of fast food and not much else.

This is so far from the truth.

In New York at the very least, I found a range of food truly astounding and the quality to be far higher than other places I had been.

This was a place where you could find anything from food out of a cart on the side of the street to fine dining at some of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

I found myself eating tacos from Mexican bodegas, chicken and rice from carts on the street, hot dogs at baseball games, amazing sandwiches from delis as well as some incredible meals from fancier establishments.
Food like cheesecake from Carnegies that was enough to give me a heart attack.
Or a Ruben from Katz's that was enough to give me a heart attack!

My definitive favourite food in my entire stay in New York were the bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon out of the Jewish delis.

In particular, I grew to love the smoked salmon and sturgeon in scrambled eggs served with a bialy and cream cheese from Barney Greengrass'. The combination of the smokiness of the fish with the cream cheese was a lethal combination. Topped off on a crispy and chewy bialy, is there anything better?
I'm not quite sure how I'm going to handle life without them being readily available to me anymore.
Even the burgers in New York were pretty special. Sitting in a diner, the burgers are served promptly and taste far better than any burger I've ever had. They take them seriously in this country and use good meat for their mince ("ground meat") unlike back at home where only the poorer cuts are used.

Even the process of ordering food seems more fun!
Surprises never stop in this city.

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