Monday, October 03, 2011

The Bodega

Having wandered gawking and gasping at the sights of New York, I was hungry. Andy had come home from work and decided he knew just what was needed.

He told me to get my wallet and to make sure I was cashed up.

Not being completely sure about whether he was joking or being honest, I grabbed my money clip and stuffed it full of cash.

As we walked down 10th avenue, I still wasn't sure whether Andy was telling the truth or not.

Suddenly, he turned abruptly into a fairly non-descript little Mexican bodega. I only assumed that he wanted to buy something quickly. However, instead he continued to move into its depths and I soon found myself in a Mexican restaurant.
This clearly wasn't going to be the expensive dinner I had been cautiously prepared for.

Three soft tacos cost me effectively the change in my pockets.
And it was good!

It was so good! Better than any of the faux Mexican food that I've eaten back at home! Packed with flavour and perfectly encased in a couple of pieces of the soft bread.

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