Monday, October 17, 2011

The Met

This is a big museum.

I always thought that the British Museum was big, but I was clearly mistaken.

You can definitely tell that a museum is truly enormous when you encounter a sizable section dedicated solely to Chinese ink blocks.
And that is before you consider that Chinese garden that has been completely recreated within the building.
Or the old Indian temple that has been relocated into one of the halls.
It seems as though the Met has attempted to take a slice of every single period of humanity's artistic history and present it for the public view.
Literally any time period.
Any style of art as well.
It is a strangely disjointed museum, full of so much incredible sights and displays, but without any real coherence or theme.

It just seems to be an attempt to show the public EVERYTHING.
There are of course, amazing items of display.

I found my Mondrian, which made me happy.
However, what struck me the most was still the sheer size of the place.
It overwhelms and it is almost overbearing.

I found myself spending almost the entire day in this museum, and it required a fairly quick pace (with little to no breaks) to cover the majority of it.
It is impressive, but I am not sure I like it. There is something lacking in subtlety and in clarity. The approach of having so much on display may please some, but for me, I prefer the more considered approach of the British Museum.

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