Thursday, October 18, 2007

Costa del Sol

I went to Malaga!

My Aunt Selma randomly messaged me telling me to go and visit her in Spain....

Why not I thought.

I jumped on a flight and I before I knew it I was out of the London cold and in the middle of the Andalucian heat.

It was still early in the morning so I caved to my inner tourist and went for churros and chocolate.
God it was tasty.
Tapas would follow later in the day with Aunt Selma.
But the first thing we did was go to church!!!!
Being a Sunday, we managed to walk into the main cathederal in Malaga as the service was beginning.
So I was able to attend Mass and take Holy Communion.... in Malaga....

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madame atas b* said...

looks like you are having a ball of a time!! madly jealous and happy for you!!


madam atas b* :)