Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rule Britannia

I'm in London!!!!

I can completely understand why they call this city the capital of the world.

It's fast, it's hectic and it's full of energy.

I arrived after my long haul flight tired and jet-lagged. However, it was great to see Maya again.

I went to sleep early, but I was up and about immediately the next day!

And where else was I going to go!?!?!?
It's taken me years to get here!!

But finally, I was at the Tate Modern!!!!!!
Inside the main hall, was a new exhibit by the artist Doris Salcedo. 'The Crack'. A installation that ran the full length of the famed Turbine Hall.

Completely interactive and brilliantly thought out.

On a bleak and cold day, the Tate Modern looks out on the Thames ominously.
The Millenium Walk bridge.

Being inside the Tate Modern was a truly great experience.
It has the reputation for being one of the world's great galleries, and it is deserved.

The exhibits on display are amazing.

Piet Mondrian.
Jackson Pollock.
Andy Warhol.
Pierre Bonnard.
Roy Lichtenstein.
I love the Tate Modern.... which is why I went back again the next day.....

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Anonymous said...

You still owe me a photo of you, a yummy mummy, and an actual mummy at the British Museum.
Or a finger in a polder\dyke in the Netherlands.

It will help ease my pain at you having lost the only copy of Brown Snakes all those years ago.