Saturday, December 24, 2011

The French Riviera

I should have spent less time in Monaco.

I had found the place I should have spent more time.

This is the image of the south of France that was in my mind.
Arriving in Nice made me happy.

It also made me angry. It made me angry that I had wasted all that time that could have been spent here, and due to my poor planning I would have less than a day to explore the beautiful city.

I had to be quick, so I set out to find as much of this city as I could in the quickest amount of time possible. That meant climbing to the highest point!

Powering through the old city, I was swept away by the beautiful buildings and narrow lanes. My ideals of what a French city should look like were clearly that of Nice. Lovely cobblestone streets all lined with cafes were one of the first things I came across. This was the cosmopolitan city with the laid back culture that appeals to so many across the world.
Once I got to the top, my worst fears were confirmed....

.... I had well and truly budgeted too little time here.
After I descended from the heights, I found myself slowly walking along the waterfront.

It was late Autumn, but the weather was still warm enough that people were sunning themselves and wading into the ocean.
It was a strange feeling to walk along this pebbly beach.

I had never experienced anything other than a sandy beach, so there was something strangely unfamiliar about hearing the close sound of the waves and feeling the uneasy footing of the pebbles slowly giving way with each step I took.
My watch told me it was time to go.

I didn't even have enough time to sit down to try some of the famous delicacies of the region.

In my mind, I kept repeating to myself that I would return to give this region the proper attention it deserved. And yet... I knew it was very possible that this could be the last time I ever set foot on the pebbly beaches of southern France...

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