Saturday, December 03, 2011

A very big park

If you knew nothing about Norwegian cultural contributions to the world, a visit to Oslo would have you swearing that it was actually Vigeland and not Munch who was the better known man.

Munch may have his museum, but Vigeland has an entire park dedicated to him. A very, very, very large park.

A park that is filled with some of the most intriguing sculptures I have ever seen.
Sculptures that celebrate humanity and the emotions expressed by all of us.
Sculptures that seem to speak of humanity as a whole, rather than as individuals.
It's an amazing park.

I found myself at Vigeland Park on a crisp, but clear day that let me see from end to end.

Surrounded by the lush, green, moving forests, the sculptures stood out silent and still. Vigeland had tried to capture the movement and emotion of bodies, yet it was all stuck in a moment in time.
It is an amazing site that is definitely worth a wander.
As you wander out, you almost feel as though you have left a kind of museum that has captured these individuals and their emotional expressions and frozen it for an eternity of viewing.

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gardenerat60 said...

Very serene, the Park, the sky and the atmosphere.The sculptures are blending in. Unique.

One thought crossing my mind, here in India, we have so many people, no artist would want to sculpt that theme, for a park.:-)

Thanks for the impressive photographs.