Sunday, December 18, 2011

More rich people

I was still wandering around the streets of Monaco.

This place sure was tiny.
It's so tiny that the Monaco golf course isn't even in Monaco. It's in neighbouring France. It makes sense when you consider that the whole Principality probably only a little bit bigger than a golf course as it is....
There were lots of famous things to see.

Such as the final resting place of Grace Kelly. Is she the most glamourous princess of all time? The Diana supporters may disagree, but Princess Grace had the movie career and the French Riviera upping her claim.
Then there was the notorious hair pin turn of the Monaco Grand Prix.
For most of the year, I guess this is just a random turn on a road.
But for those brief moments during the Grand Prix, this tiny little corner of the world becomes so much more!

.... to be honest, I was finding it hard to get excited. Monaco is an empty place. Once you get past the not so shiny exterior, you're about done with all there is to do.

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