Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rich people

My wanderings had brought me to a place with more ostentatious displays of wealth than I had ever seen.
I was in Monaco!

The land of royalty, F1 and luxury.
The only thing was... it wasn't the land of class and elegance that I had expected.
Monaco has always been in my mind as one of the most glamorous places in the world. I expected big things from this place. I expected the place to be full of architectural wonders, fast cars and people who were the definition of chic.
I didn't really get that feeling.
There was something almost tacky about the place. It felt as though everything would have been brand new and high tech, had we still been in the 80s. There were obvious signs of wealth to be seen such as with the cars being driven, but it wasn't consistent and it didn't necessarily imply any class whatsoever. There's also something incredibly creepy about seeing the really rich old man with the strikingly beautiful young model girlfriend/wife.

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