Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well... the first part of the trip is essentially over.

The travels through Central and Eastern Europe had been fun, but there was now a need to get back to London.

However, first there was a matter of a brief respite in Brussels with Owen.

Owen's father is the Australian Ambassador to the EU... so our accomodation was a touch better than what we were normally accustomed to.
Brussels was also a major change from the cities we had been in.

Bright, modern and westernised.

The wealth of the city was also clearly palpable.
Owen didn't seem too impressed with his earphones in this photo!
One night, we went out to celebrate Owen's excellent university marks with his parents. We were treated by his father to a combination of Belgium beers and the famous "half and halfs".
Not a bad location for any of it!

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