Saturday, December 08, 2007

Czeching Out

With Vienna having provided Chris and I sites and sounds that simply left us in awe, we packed our bags and headed off to the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately for me, the trip didn't begin well as I left my calf-skin gloves on the metro in Vienna as we headed towards the bus station. The result was that it was a very grumpy me that boarded the bus.

However, by the next day I was in a much better mood!

I was particularly buoyed by the thought of the first meal I was to have that day....

Tasty and filling. I tried my best to eat the thick stew and the dumplings provided... but sadly for me I was beaten with half a dumpling to spare....
Later that night, Chris and I started to walk into the old parts of the city in order to site see and to take in the atmosphere of the country.

We encountered amazingly cold temperatures and gusting winds. Even with my thick coat, thermals and head warmer, I still felt the cold.

Instead of getting out of the cold, we needed something to make us forget about it.

And so, whilst standing in front of the famous Charles Bridge, Chris and I bought and warmed ourselves up with some piping hot gluwine.

Who cares about the cold now???

The next day we continued our site seeing and wandered up into the old town. It was another beautiful (albeit cold) experience.

To be honest, even more beautiful than Vienna.
The Hofsburg and Schonbrunn may be breathtaking palaces, but on the whole I found Prague to be far more picturesque and lovely.

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