Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Wonders of Vienna

As the days wandered by, Chris was finally feeling better.

I dragged him out of his bed in the hostel and forced him to come outside. After all, I knew he would regret not seeing any of Vienna.

So, even though he was still clearly sick and the weather was VERY cold, we went wandering.

The first place I took him to was the beautiful St Michael's Platz.

Then, we went for a night at the opera!

The sounds and the colours filled the room and the voices of the singers reached everywhere.

We even saw an accident occur as one of the stage sets was damaged, nearly hitting one of the singers on the head!
After the opera, we wandered towards the famed Cafe Central.

I ordered myself a lovely apple strudle. Soft pastry with a delicate flavour and well cooked apples... what more could I want?

Sitting in the cafe was a nice experience as Chris and I followed in the footsteps of Lenin, Trotsky and Freud.

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