Friday, December 28, 2007

Deepest Blue

Immediately after walking away from Hagia Sofia, we all turned our attentions to the enormous mosque DIRECTLY OPPOSITE.

The Blue Mosque!

My brother had always told me that the Blue Mosque was the most beautiful building he had ever been in.

From the outside, I could definitely see the beauty of the building, but the most beautiful in the world? I was skeptical. I was also confused about the title "Blue".... it doesn't look very blue at all...
..... until you get inside!
My brother was right. It is stunning. The sheer intricacies of the designs and decorations cannot be compared to Hagia Sofia, the two are too different.
Inside, the lights made the Mosque glow.
After leaving, we wandered to a local coffee house for a refreshment. Drinks and a smoke!
Several days later, as I was walking passed the Blue Mosque at night, I was given another answer to the name. In the darkness, with the glow of the spotlights upon it, the Mosque truly is a startling blue colour.
I love Istanbul!

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