Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The depths of humanity

After walking around Berlin for a few days, Chris and I decided to go and see some of the less savoury historical sights.

Our first stop was the Jewish History Museum.

Walking through the gardens in the dark and the silence was an eery feeling.
As we toured through the rest of the museum, all I could feel was a sense of overwhelming sadness.

Rather than seeing outright horrors and pains, I was presented with a very different picture, one of people merely trying to live as best they could.

It's near impossible to comprehend how it could have ever reached the stage that it did.

We left the museum in a very sombre mood.

The next day we travelled out of Berlin to the concentration camp at Oranieburg.

The terrors and suffering that occurred at this place were unimaginable.

Throughout the camp, there were small reminders of the pain that people were subjected to.
And yet, it was a surreal expierience. Surprisingly calm. A nice bright sunny day... it may have been very similar to any number of the days that was experienced by those who suffered.

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