Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Czeching in with the Americans

Chrıs and I had met a couple of American exchange students in Budapest who were studying in Prague. So when we reached the beautiful old city, we went to catch up with them.

And what better way to catch up than over some absinthe?
Other Chris and Pete didn't have any objections.
And to be honest... neither did I.....
Afterwards, we left the absinthe bar and headed towards what was allegedly the 'largest club in Central Europe', the Karlove Lazne.
Not a bad walk to get there.

Probably the most picturesque bar crawl walk I have ever been on in fact!
Once we arrived at the club, we found Other Chris and Pete's exchange friends.
The club turned out to be a disappointment.
It was big, that was undeniable. However, it suffered the problem of being not very good. It was in effect a very large and very mediocre club.
Thankfully the company was good.

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