Sunday, February 24, 2008

A closer look

It was late in the evening. I was trying to think of what to do when Pete appeared back in the hostel after a long day at the dig site.

He hadn't been to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre yet and was wondering if I wanted to go along with him.

I had already been... but I liked it in there, so I decided to go again.
It would turn out to be a very good decision by me!

Not only was it nice to see the Church at night, when most of the Church was deserted of people, but it was also great to go there with Pete.

As an archaeologist, Pete was able to give me a far greater insight into this historic place than any tour guide ever could!

When I had been in previously, I was overawed by the big things. I couldn't take my eyes of the large and magnificent scenes that presented themselves before me.

However, Pete forced me to have a closer look.
He showed me that even the individual stones that make up the Church have amazing stories to tell.

On many of the old stones, there are dozens of carvings. Tiny Templar crosses that are carved deep into the stone. Tiny little signs of the pilgrims and the Crusaders who had come to this place centuries ago.

We even found several coats of arms that had been hewn into the stones!
It changed my feelings of the place! It made me realise even more that depth and complexity of the stories that surround this place.

I walked out extremely happy that Pete had wandered into the hostel when he did!

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