Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Partying in Jerusalem!

Oh the hilarity of it all!!!

Standing at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, you feel like you're in the dead centre of the Middle East with all of it's hustle and bustle.

Walk a few hundred metres down the souqs and through the Jaffa Gate and you have a different story altogether.

Now you find yourself in what is essentially any Western city.

It really doesn't feel quite right.

And at night, that feeling of peculiarity is amplified.

Jerusalem has a club and bar scene like any other Western city.
.... with the slight difference that there are a few more guns out and about along with the people!

On most nights, you'll find the area near Ben Yehuda St packed with crowds of young Israelis and Birth-Righters , all laughing it up and having a fantastic time.
Pete and I happily took up the challenge to party it up whilst we could.
After all.... how often do you get to party in Jerusalem?

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