Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Temple Mount

I had seen alot in Jerusalem.

The amazing holy city grabs the imagination and confronts you with both its history and its importance.

I had walked through the streets, I had stood in front of the holy places.

Yet I hadn't been up to the Temple Mount. I had tried, but I seemed to continually walk to the gates when they were closed to visitors.

Eventually, I managed to get the timing right!
The Temple Mount is an interesting place.

Sitting on top of the holy of holies for the Jewish religion and being itself the second most important place in Islam.
The Dome of the Rock.

Absolutely stunning. The blue mosaic tiles shimmer.
Walking up to the top very early in the morning also had the advantages of the cool winds and the slowly rising sun.
Sadly, I wasn't allowed to go in as I am a non-Muslim.
Across from the Dome of the Rock is the famous "Al Aqsa Mosque".
Again.... I was denied entry.
The Temple Mount is a beautiful place.

Walking up through the busy and bustling streets of Jerusalem, it's a shock to find yourself sitting in these beautiful and calm gardens.
It really is an oasis in the middle of the bustling world outside.
There's nothing to bother you at all.

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