Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jerusalem to taste

Jerusalem is a strange, strange place for the taste buds.

It's a combination of Middle Eastern food, traditional Jewish foods and pretty much any Western junk food you can think of!

Not a bad thing I guess.....

After all, everyone likes variety.

Even going out at night, I had some interesting tastes to keep me interested.
For instance, "Taybeh", Palestine's (and apparently the entire Middle East's) only micro-brew. It tasted damn good as well!

Breakfasts were also a situation where I was spoilt for choice.

There was always the breakfast kebabs that I had grown accustomed to whilst travelling with the boys, but here there were also simpler and sweeter delights.

Pancakes and strange soups, rich and sugary coffees!

However, the best thing I was treated to was what I ate with Kamil.

The lovely knaffe!

This goat cheese dessert had the perfect combination of textures and sweetness. Covered in honey and hot! The sugary rush it gave me at the start of a day was something that couldn't be replicated.

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