Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hitting the town in the new city in Jerusalem is fun.

A little bit too much fun actually.

The next day my head hurt and the room was spinning. My time was limited though, so I didn't want to waste the day.

Pete was equally hung over (if not worse), but he was keen on doing something as well. So we decided that this was the perfect day to head out to Masada!

A long.... bumpy bus ride followed this decision. It didn't sit well with how we were both feeling.

After about two and a half hours, we reached our destination!
This site holds incredible importance to the modern state of Israel who see it as symbolic of their greater struggle for freedom and nationhood. Apparently there are units of the IDF who make their loyalty pledges on the top of Masada.
Pete and I decided that the best way up would be to climb.

It wasn't long before Pete was straggling.
I on the other hand was now full of energy!

My wool jacket probably wasn't the best idea in the sun though.
The view from the top was beautiful. You could see clear over to the Dead Sea.
Pete and I wandered around the top. There was a strange combination of old buildings and not so nice developments.

Soon, we found our way to the other side. There we looked down and saw the remains of the Roman ramp. It was from here that the Roman legions charged up to find not a defending force, but thousands of dead.

Suicide was preferable to slavery for them.
We continued walking.

The views really were spectacular.
The air was fresh and the sun was bright.
But after all the walking, we were both tired.

The lack of sleep and the bumpy bus ride had caught up to us and so instead of walking down to the bottom, we took the lazy option and went down on the cable car.
A forty minute walk versus a smooth three minute trip!
Travelling in style is always nice!

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