Monday, November 14, 2011

A bit disappointing

One of the big reasons I wanted to return to London, was the Tate Modern.

This art gallery had a major impact on me and triggered my appreciation of modern art. Since I first went to the Tate Modern, I have come to learn about the story of modern art and I have come to be inspired by how breath taking its message can be (when it is done well of course).

So I was very excited to be going back to the Tate Modern.
Walking down the Millennium Walk Bridge towards the building, I felt excited as I did when I first stepped foot inside years ago.

Down in the Turbine Hall, I wandered across what was left of "The Crack" installation that had been there previously. All that was left was the marks showing where the concrete had been filled in. It looked like a giant scar across the floor, just as had been intended by the artist.
Walking through the different halls, I was still confronted by the amazing works that had drawn me to this place.
But sadly, things were missing.
I had come at a bad time, and the new major installation hadn't been put in place yet.
Added to that, changes to the display meant that my Mondrians weren't on show and my favourite painting in the entire collection, "Night Vision" by Fiona Rae wasn't there either.

It was a bit sad actually. It just wasn't quite the same. It was like seeing a ghost of something I had once loved. A faded whisper of what was once such a loud scream in my mind.

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