Friday, November 11, 2011

London calling

It's nice being back in London.

It's been years since I first wandered the streets and I think in that time I've lost much of my greeness.

Seeing everything through some more mature eyes was nice.

The awestruck wonder with which I first viewed London was gone, but now I was able to appreciate it from a different light. It was a more measured view of the place and I still liked it.
Somehow, London didn't seem as "amazing" as it did to me when I first saw it. However, it seemed more like a place I could actually live as I now seemed to see more than merely the famous landmarks.

I loved the convenience of the place and how accessible everything was. Everything was just a short tube ride away, only a short walk and you could get to pretty much anything you wanted.
Not to say the sights weren't still amazing though.
Something you notice particularly as you stroll past St Paul's Cathedral.

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