Sunday, November 27, 2011

Norwegian wood

Who would have imagined that I would have THREE friends whom I met independent of one another living in Norway?


It's not exactly a country that is on the "must do" list of tourists and travellers.

However, knowing this number of people in Oslo meant that it had now moved onto my own personal "must do" list. The way I think about it, this trip to Norway was not only necessary to visit my friends, it was a welcome journey down a road less traveled. It isn't every day you get such compelling reasons to go to country outside the norm, so taking advantage of it is a must.
This was not a decision I regretted.

Norway is a beautiful country.
In fact, the decision I made to only spend a couple of days here may have been a bit of a mistake, as it confined me to Oslo.
This is a country where nature dominates, and while it was a great experience to be in Oslo seeing my friends, I definitely wished I could get out into the countryside.
Wandering through the parks and the forests, I felt at peace and relaxed.
It was quiet and calm. Everything I needed to unwind from the stress of work and the daily grind.

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