Monday, November 28, 2011


What's famous about Norway?

The fjords? Ibsen? A-Ha?

Well personally, I think that Edvard Munch and his "Scream" series of paintings would have to be up there as one of Norway's greatest ever cultural contributions to the world (besides the songs of M2M of course).
So, I jumped on the surprisingly efficient and convenient Oslo metro system (who would have thought that such a small city could support such amazing public transport?) and dashed towards the aptly named "Munch Museum", that was apparently full of the works of the great man himself.
The funny thing about this museum though....

.... was that they didn't display any of the "Scream" series.
None at all in fact.

Instead they were showing his lesser known works.

I have no problem with this and I think it's a good thing to display lesser known works in order to give people a better understanding of his full body of accomplishments. However, not displaying his most famous paintings at all? That I find to be a bit much.

Instead, I found myself inside the National museum, in a room that was dedicated to Munch. There I was able to get my fill of some of Munch's masterpieces such as one of the "Screams" and "Madonna".

Sadly, I wasn't allowed to take any photos in the room itself, so this was the closest I managed to get.
It's an impressive legacy that this painter from the tiny country of Norway has managed to create some of the most widely known paintings in the world. Works of art that transcend the art world and are embraced even by people in every day life.

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