Monday, November 07, 2011

Oh Canada

I only had a few days in Canada. But it was worth it.

I got to see Connie and her family for the first time ever!

It had been 8 years since I had seen Con, so seeing her with a young family was a pretty crazy thing.
Canada is an incredibly serene and pleasant place. It sure is cold though.
Surprisingly so in fact.

There are always stereotypes about how "nice" Canada and Canadians are, but there really is a lot of truth to it.
I even found myself some lumber jack food in the form of the "beaver tails"
What was most unexpected was the quality and the freshness of the food.

Canada is pristine and it definitely shows in the food. The salmon and the fresh produce were amazing.
However, some of my newly formed habits were difficult to break, and even in Canada, I sought out some bagels. Thankfully, I was able to satisfy my wants with the famed "Montreal bagels".

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