Saturday, December 15, 2012

A cruise on the Nile

I needed to get from Aswan to Luxor.

There were some famous temples between Aswan and Luxor, so the choice of a Nile cruise suddenly became the front running option.

It sounds like a romantic notion doesn't it?  Slowly cruising the Nile River whilst sitting back in a lounge chair on a luxurious ship.  It seems like something from out of an Agathe Christie novel.  I could almost imagine the image of the sun setting as I sat on the deck with a gin and tonic, watching the countryside slowly drift by.  Yet meanwhile, somewhere within the ship there would of course be a murder and scandal unfolding!

From a practical standpoint, it also seemed the logical choice.  By taking the boat, I was choosing the option that would get me directly from Aswan to Luxor.  It would allow me to see the sights between the two locations, whilst still providing me with all of my food and accommodation for a few days.

My plan was perfect.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this decision.

I called the travel agent and bought a ticket. Soon, I found myself in a taxi being driven to the mooring by the river.  Stepping into the gaudy lobby of the cruise ship, I was greeted with smiles and then ushered into my room.  It was clean, tidy and actually looked a bit like a hotel room, albeit one that had seen better days.  I immediately drew open the curtains and rearranged the club lounge to face the water.  I pushed the doors open to allow the breeze in, then sank into the lounge whilst looking out into the distance.  I felt calm and at ease.

It was a lovely image that was before me.  A felluca and a cruise ship on the Nile.  I couldn't have asked for a more fitting first impression.
After settling myself, I went up to the roof of the boat.  It was another beautiful scene.  The number of boats working the river had decreased during these troubled times, but that loneliness seemed to make them even more majestic as they cut their individual path through the water.
The rest of the boat seemed to contain all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.  There was a nice bar and there was even a forward lounge to spend my evenings in.
I was pleased with my decision.  I went back onto the roof and lent on the railing to watch the sun set as the boat slowly pulled away from its mooring.
It was a satisfying feeling to know I was moving away from Aswan.  Disappointments in travel can weigh down on your mind, so fleeing such a thing by boat was an almost poetic flourish.  I didn't even look back. 

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