Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A silent airport

Terminal 3 of Cairo Airport is an ultra modern and sleek facility that stands in sharp contrast to much of Egypt.  Even looking out of its large windows, you can see how it stands separate from older city of Cairo.  This structure was constructed largely be Egypt's port of welcome to the foreign world and to facilitate the enormous number of domestic flights ferrying tourists around Egypt.

This terminal of Cairo Airport is largely deserted.

It is a very real example of the impact of the social and political turmoil on the tourism industry in this country.

At first, I enjoyed the quiet of the airport.  I am more used to always being in airports that have been completely full of people, so I was able to behave like a child as I ran through the empty hall riding up and down the travelators.
After my 8th or 9th lap of the terminal, I started to get bored.  The complete emptiness of the terminal was now beginning to become a bit creepy.  When the time came for my flight, I went quickly to the departure gate which was itself full of people.  Where these people could have been hiding for the last few hours was completely beyond me.

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