Sunday, December 16, 2012

Creepy cruise

The river cruise up the Nile was really messing with my perception of reality.

I had started out on the cruise with extremely high hopes of what an incredible experience it was going to be.

However, instead, I am fairly confident that I have been given a taste of what it would be like to be in prison.

I cannot believe how bored I was.

I tried to look out of the window of my cabin.  It was a nice view.  It wasn't enough to keep me occupied.

I tried going up to the deck.  Again, it was a nice view, but it couldn't keep me occupied.

I went back downstairs to my cabin and tried to read.  My selected book was a stinker and I soon put it down.

I tried the TV.  Nothing.  The reception was out whilst the boat was on the move.
In desperation, I began to walk around the boat.

That was another shock.  It was almost completely empty.  I should have become used to the lack of people by now, but the fact that this lack of people was on the boat made it all the more bizarre.  It was almost surreal to be on this boat seemingly by myself, as though I was trapped in some horrifying and ghastly nightmare.
To make things even better, I had gotten food poisoning.

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