Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ready to go

I wish I was in this situation more often.  I wish I found myself sitting in Sydney airport more often, just for the simple pleasure of waiting.

I have always found the anticipation of leaving for another adventure to be one of the highlights of traveling.

Even the thought of sitting on the long haul flight itself was appealing to me.  Most people I know hate long haul flights, but personally I've always enjoyed them.  A long haul flight meant being able to sit and watch movies, whilst someone else brought me food and drink.  After the grueling months that I had just been through, I could think of little else I would rather do.
Sitting and waiting for my flight, I had no desire to move and was satisfied that at that time, there were no demands or obligations on me.
Before long, it was time for me to board my flight.  As I wandered through the familiar main hall, I could feel a sense of relief knowing that soon I would be far away.

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