Friday, January 16, 2009


I didn't really want to leave the houseboat.

I could have stayed on it for days.

Sadly, all things come to an end and we found ourselves back in Allepey.

You see some strange sites in India. The bizarre and strange is completely normal here. An elephant meandering down the road? Doesn't even turn a head.....
We were fortunate enough to have been there in the midst of a festival. I'm not exactly sure what festival it was, but that didn't stop us from joining in.
There was lots of music and lots of people dressed us as animals.... the bull even tried to gore me.
We followed the procession down the main road of Allepey until we got bored.

Wandering around the rest of the town, we found more things to look at, more things to eat, more things to try.
In under 24 hours, we had gone from extreme serenity back to the vibrant heart of Indian life. This country really is one of extremes in every conceivable way.

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