Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hindu Ruins

After a few days in Chennai, enjoying the hospitality of Manu's family (and the cooking of his mother), Manu took us out of Chennai for a look at one of the main attractions of the state of Tamil Nadu. He was taking us to the ruins of the temples at Mahabalipuram.

However, before we got there, we had another stop to make....


Oh goodie.

It was a definite learning experience .... though I have to admit a guilty enjoyment seeing the crocodiles being fed.

The real point of the trip was the ruins though.

We headed to the town which is famous for rock carvings which continue to this day.

Apparently, the ruins are a famous early example of Dravidian architecture.

Walking through the ruins (which were amazing), I couldn't help but think back to when I went to Ankhor Wat over 5 years ago. The climate, the setting and the ruins .... it almost felt like being in the same place.
Sudi was impressed by it all, but less impressed when he discovered my not so secret desire to "go everywhere".

After walking around the ruins on the hill, we made our way towards the famous "Shore Temple". This is the only temple of seven known that remains uncovered by the ocean.
I was now experiencing definite feelings of being back in Cambodia again.
Luckily for Sudi and Prath, Manu managed to wrangle to the cheap local admission tickets for them. Sadly, Lian and I were not so fortunate.

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