Monday, January 12, 2009

Indian Rail Journey

Spending time in Chennai with Manu was great. But, all good things must come to an end and so we moved onto the next phase of our trip. Kerala!

Now, Kerala isn't a place that has captured my imagination since I was child like the Middle East .... I can't even claim to have known much about it even recently. However, Sudi was insistent that we go. He had labelled this as his "number one" location that he wanted to visit in all of India.

Lian and I were happy to oblige and Prath seemed to be happy with whatever happened.

There was first the matter of getting from Chennai to Kerala.

This would involve a 12 hour overnight trip by train.

Unfortunately, we had been a bit late in booking tickets and we found ourselves with economy class tickets.

The conditions were a bit more Spartan than we had originally been hoping for. Sudi and I had been watching movies that involved long train journeys through India (usually luxurious first class) and this was not what we had been hoping for originally.

We all made do though and decided to count this as one of those "experiences" that may not be completely pleasant, but which you usually look back on fondly.

Plus I'm sure it would toughen us up for some of the travelling ahead.

The trip seemed to take an age. Sudi and Prath managed a grand total of zero hours sleep between the two of them. I on the other hand was lucky enough to snatch about 4 hours, something that would come in handy.

We whiled away the time playing cards and playing with some of our new-found friends on the train.
Surprisingly, the train turned out to be comfortable compared to what we faced on arrival.

We found ourselves at a train station in Ernakulum at about 2am in the morning. We were tired, cranky and the person who was meant to pick us up was nowhere to be seen.... eventually we found the guy and managed to slowly make our way to our desired destination.

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