Sunday, January 25, 2009

Costume Change

The wedding was still going.

We were feeling a bit tired though, so we decided to go for a refreshing drink.

Delicious chai.

The streets of Kolkata are lined with little tea stores.
And the way in which the tea itself is drunk is also quite unique. Rather than using cups that need cleaning or plastic cups that don't degrade, in Kolkata they use little earthenware cups that are merely thrown out after use.
There's something about drinking the chai in this way that makes the chai seem to taste better. You can hold the cup of boiling hot chai without burning your hands and once you're finished, you drop the cup to shatter on the floor.

After enjoying the drink, we all went back to our guest houses to get changed. Our original clothes may have been suitable for the events of the morning, but we needed something flashier for the upcoming proceedings.

Sudi and I moved from cotton to our new silk clothes!

After getting changed, we headed straight back to the tea shop to get more chai, looking far more distinguished. We drank our chai quickly and then rushed back towards the wedding.

At the wedding, even Sunny had gotten changed. He was wearing a new top made of silk and gold thread. He even wore a traditional dhotti!
Lian had disappeard for a few hours and joined the bride and her party.

She returned to us wearing a sari with her hair done up traditionally with jasmine garlands.
So now we were all dressed and ready!

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