Thursday, January 15, 2009

Calming Waters

With the waters of the backwaters gently passing us by, we all fell into a sort of stupor.

Stretching out and relaxing on the boat was one of the most peaceful things I have ever done.

And very luckily for us, our cooks Sabu and Joseph ensured that we were well supplied with food, tea and coffee.

As the sun began to set, we were treated to an entirely different type of beauty.

For me, I rarely notice a sunset or sunrise when I am at home, yet I am usually captivated by them when I go travelling. Either the sunsets at home don't have the same magnificence or I should pay more attention.

That night, we were again well provided for with food.

Our cooks prepared a delicious Keralan style dinner for us complete with the enormous prawns that we had purchased from the man in the canoe.

Kerala is not the most well known place in India, but it must be one of the most serene and beautiful. I only wonder how long it will be before the secret of this place is revealed to a wider audience.

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