Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Indian Wedding Experience

I've been told that attending an Indian wedding is one the most amazing experiences you can have in your life.

I have to agree.

Being here with my friends Sudi and Lian added to this great experience as well.
Divya had also changed into her new clothes and looked amazing draped in gold.
The noise and colour of the wedding were almost overwhelming. I almost burst out laughing in amazement when Divya and Sunny were both hoisted into the air as they were finally "introduced" to one another.
And finally, after all of the ceremony and events, the bride and groom were married.
The wedding had been one of the most eye opening and intense experiences I had ever gone through (and I wasn't even the one getting married!) Had I come to India for just the wedding, I still would have thought it was a worthwhile decision.

Later, as I was congratulating Sunny and Divya, I was able to see Divya's arms close up. She was completely covered in intricate henna designs and lots and lots of gold!
Even her feet were covered in henna!

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